Spring Trip Details

Spring Band and Color Guard Performance Tour

Orlando, Florida
April 26-30, 2017

Lake Braddock Band is headed to Orlando, Florida on April 26-30, 2017 for its Spring Band Performance Tour. Check here regularly for updates on the trip schedule.

Disney Trip Schedule as of March 30:

(Click here to download schedule as a PDF)
NOTE:  All times and locations are subject to change up until the actual event. Check back frequently for updates.

Tuesday, April 25
5:00-7:30 PM      Luggage drop off/Check and medication collection.

Wednesday, April 26
6:00-7:30 AM    Luggage drop off/Check and medication collection.
1:00 PM         Report to Little Theater to load buses
1:30 PM         Load Buses
2:00 PM         Depart for Orlando
Students will need to pack a dinner for the ride to Florida.
We will not stop until we arrive in Epcot for breakfast.
Also pack clothes for Thursday at park, deodorant, and toothbrush to go on bus.

Thursday, April 27
7:30 AM          Arrive at Epcot for Breakfast
Breakfast in park then special passes for first ride
Between 1-3      Take Monorail from Epcot to Magic Kingdom. Check out with Chaperone when leaving Epcot. Check in with Chaperone on arrival to Magic Kingdom
8:30 PM          Fireworks at Castle
9:00 PM          Take Monorail to bus lot. Load buses.
9:30 PM          Arrive at Hotel and unload: Luggage, Uniform, and Instrument(s)
Do NOT go to your room until you have all 3 or 4 room members together

Friday, April 28
Performances! Each group will travel in uniform from hotel to performance site. Take a change of clothes and uniform bag. After performance, buses will travel to Animal Kingdom, where students will change clothes on buses and head to park.

[performance schedule still developing]

7:45 PM           ALL Board Bus to depart Animal Kingdom to travel to Epcot
9:00 PM           Epcot light and fireworks show
9:30 PM           Return to buses to head back to hotel.


Saturday, April 29
6:00 AM           Symphony Orchestra breakfast and uniform.
Bring luggage, etc. down early and leave with Chaperone at designated place.
7:00 AM           Symphony rides with Orchestra to performance. Take change of clothes and uniform bag.
7:00 AM           Band and Guard eat Breakfast
8:00 AM           Room Check and Load Buses
8:00 AM           Symphony Performance
9:00 AM           Leave for Hollywood Studios
8:30 PM           Fantasmia Show
9:00 PM           Leave for Buses
9:30 PM           Depart for Burke, VA

Sunday, April 30
Stop for brunch at a fast food restaurant.  Each bus will have one restaurant to stop at.
3:00 PM           Arrive at Lake Braddock Secondary School


WATER is the most important reminder! With sun, blacktops, and lots of excitement, dehydration can cause multiple BAD problems. Pack a water bottle and plan to refill it often.

Hat and sunblock are important too.

Light rain coat in case of weather.

Food for dinner Wednesday night on the bus.

Food money for return trip Sunday morning.

Food money for one meal each on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

A small sling-type bag to use at parks.