9/25 Colgan Marching Competition Email

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Address:  Colgan High School, 13833 Dumfries Road, Manassas, VA 20112

Dear Parents and Students,

Attached is the schedule for next weekend, September 25th for the Colgan High School Band Competition.  The address is included in the material. 

It has been a while since we have done this, so I am giving more details and some small changes to the normal practices.

The band room opens at 8AM.  Students do not need to report that early, nor earlier, there will be no directors here before 8AM.  Rehearsal will begin at 9AM on the field.  We provide an hour of time for students that want to come early and get ready, socialize, clean horns, to secret buddy gifts, etc. before we begin practice at 9AM.  Please do not drop off at 8:50 thinking there is enough time to put stuff in lockers and get to the stadium.

We WILL be wearing masks the entire time on the bus. NO FOOD.  So, we will have lunch before we leave.  Practice will end at or before 10:30AM.  Students will have from that time until 11:45 to get their uniforms, eat lunch, get dressed, and meet in the theater with instruments for dismissal to load the buses. 


Large instruments like Sousaphones, Trombones, Baritones, Tenor Saxophones and Mellophones are responsible for getting their instrument in the case to the equipment truck that meets by the LB MB Storage Units after morning practice.

It will take about an hour on school buses and going south on a Saturday afternoon.  I have scheduled about an hour of time when we arrive to use restrooms, get our equipment from the equipment truck, and gather to head to warm-ups. 

Our performance time is 3:45PM.  We are the largest and last band to perform.  Because we are not eating on buses, we will allow students to bring money to go to the concessions after our performance and while the exhibition band (The US Marine Drum and Bugle Corps, The Commandant’s Own) sets up and performs.  This is new because of COVID Safety Prevention measures on the bus.

Students will gather together at a designated position for the awards ceremony.  (Either a section in the bleachers together or near the endzone where we leave from our performance)

After the awards ceremony, we will regroup into our marching block and march back to the buses.  We will load instruments in the equipment trailer and then load buses.  Masks again must be worn.  Students are encouraged to wear masks the entire time, even outdoors when in group settings.

We will return to the school, students will change out of uniforms, hang them back up and return them to the uniform closet.  After returning uniforms and storing instruments/equipment, students are free to leave.  We typically play the performance on the overhead projector while students wait in line to return the equipment.

If you have any questions, please ask your students first for clarification.  We do go over this information with them in school.  The Boosters’ parent Facebook page is another source for parent information.

Thank you for your support and we hope that as many of you as possible can come to the competition.  It is close and a good time in the middle of the afternoon.  Below is a QR code to purchase tickets for the event.

Thank you,
Mike Luley and Brandon Gilbert.

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