‘Tis the Season to Sell White House Ornaments

Each fall the band partners with the White House Historical Association to sell their collectible ornaments. This fundraiser is a great way for students to raise money for the Band and earn extra points toward their Varsity Letter.

For every 12 ornaments you sell, you can earn 1 point (with a maximum of 3 points earned). As for the funds, profits godirectly to the band for instrument purchases/repairs, uniform maintenance, new equipment, and many other band program expenses.

A Family-Run Fundraiser

Sales of the ornaments are primarily done by our band members and their families!

Each year, the Band Booster purchases ornaments from the supplier and then those are “checked out” and sold by students/parents. YOU, the students and parents, advertise to friends, families, neighbors, co-workers etc. and then get credit for sales.

So, whether you’re selling to family members or buying company gifts, the process is easy and flexible!

  • Get People Interested – Spread the word with social media posts, emails and in-person. You can use the flyer created by the Band Boosters or get creative and use a picture of your band student(s) with the ornament!
  • Pick up Ornaments – You can check out ornaments as orders come in or get a batch if you know you’ll have an event. Just send an email to ornaments.lbbandboosters@gmail.com with the number of ornaments you need and we will arrange a time for pickup/delivery.
  • Pay for Ornaments – You may pay for the ornaments at the time of pick up, or wait and turn in checks/cash to the coordinator or the purple box in the band room as you collect money (please label as White House Ornament sales and include the name of the band member!)  Checks should be made payable to “LBBBB”
  • Return the Extras – If you have extra ornaments, return them to the coordinator as soon as possible so they can be sold by someone else. Don’t worry, we’ll send out reminders as well!
  • BONUS Sell at Events – The Boosters also organize tables at several local events and concerts. Staffing the booth is an easy way to sell ornaments to a “built in” audience. A Sign Up link will be available soon!


We’re here to help! Just email ornaments.lbbandboosters@gmail.com!

Thank you for your participation and support of the Bruin Band!

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